Thursday, June 5, 2008


Let's start this off with a bang, shall we?

Last night, a peaceful laundry folding session was rudely interrupted as the sound of an explosion tore through the house. Well this isn't the kind of noise you expect to hear coming from the next room at 11:00 PM on a Tuesday night... maybe some people would? Maybe we should? Anyways, we bravely crept out into the dining room to see what had broken what.

To our pleasant surprise, we were welcomed to a late night soiree! The loud bang that had us tip-toeing around the corner was to our delight the joyous sound of a cork popping from a delicious bottle of mead that had been sitting on the dinner table. Yes indeed, our homemade Yule mead is now an outgoing sparkling mead, spreading laughter and mini-parties wherever it goes. We of course broke out the glasses and filled them up with frothy goodness. Look closely, it's bubbling!

I'm excited to find out how it matures into the fall and see if it gives up its wild youth for a more refined old age.

Garden news on the way...

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