Sunday, July 14, 2013

Poultry Post

Last year we took the leap from raising chickens to raising turkeys.  From shipping problems in the beginning to a pair of foxes decimating half of our tiny flock one night last summer, it's been a bumpy ride.  Even still it has been a great learning experience.  We've maybe crossed the line from homestead to farmstead.

Our hefty Bourbon Reds

This spring we brought in new laying hens to replace the chickens we've lost and traded away over the past four years. My uncles were in the market for new hens as well and were kind enough order eight more chicks for us.

We needed more room than our Eglu could provide so we had to make some choices around housing the new flock.  Inspired by the new line of Williams-Sonoma coops, I bought a $35 hand held jigsaw and started drawing up plans (I know, I know... but they look really cool).

Sidewalk chalk was the secret to planning the Gothic arch  

The Barred Rock pullets have been in their new home for a week and are taking to the overhead roosting like pros.

We built it over the 4th of July weekend,
hence the colonial color scheme

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